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Packing Services

When Top Class professionally packs your home you can trust that your belongings will arrive safely at their destination. Our highly skilled and trained packers will wrap your belongings in packing paper, paper pads, or bubble wrap before carefully placing each item in the appropriately sized box. Chicago Top Class Movers will mark each box with identifying information for optimum efficiency on the move and for unpacking.

Residential Moving Packing Services

Whether you'd like Chicago Movers to pack and prepare your home from start to finish, or simply look after your most fragile possessions, a Chicago Relocation consultant can assist you in ordering the right packing services for your needs. Our first class moving services offer full packing and unpacking services, which make settling into a new home easy as pie.

If you decide to pack yourself, when moving with Top Class Moving, we offer numerous resources to assist you. Customers find our packing guide to be a valuable reference. Customers in Illinois and the Chicago land area can order boxes and packing supplies at the Top Class Store or speak with a relocation consultant and inquire about free delivery in your area with a minimum order.

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