Top Class were professional and handled our move quite professionally. They were on top of their game. I didn’t want to move myself and we were referred to Top Class Movers Chicago by Brian **. I just had a real problem with the foreman. He was really rude and impatient. He was kind of brusque and said there was too much loose stuff and I know that I was ready having grown up in the business myself and working packing jobs while in college. What happened is that I didn’t get the keys to the place because there was somebody living in here until I moved in. I had to drive all the way to my husband’s office and get a set of keys to let them in so they were kind of upset about that but I didn’t have much damage.

I had one broken picture frame that’s glass. Out of the whole move that’s the only damage there was so that was pretty good but it was a local move. All in all it was fast and they got in and out and set everything up. They also moved my husband’s office the weekend before. My husband who is in the moving business as well has known them for a long time too which is another reason why we chose them.

Top Class Movers were professional