Moving to California via Top Class using our services department! your across country move to California going to be handle by the most professional long distance moving company the you may find in the long list of Chicago , our Chicago movers team can process and handle any move size, from one piece of furniture to entire large full house. Top Class Moving Company Chicago is a fully licensed and insured to provide interstates across country move and local in the states of Illinois. We can assist and well plane your process of moving to California and all western states, our long distance process over 50 long distance move to California every month and we have weekly trip everywhere in the golden state from San Diego south passing Los Angeles and San Francisco.

Moving to California Cities

Top Class Moving offer quick and VIP moving to California cities, our trucks lines drive from Chicago to California day and night to speed your move in smooth way, our long distance moving department can offer free moving and packing services such as Free tape use, Free pads to cover your furniture during the entire move process, free TV pack, Free storage services and more, please feel free to contact our moving company at 847-470-9900 for a moving to California free binding estimate.


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Info about California

California was the 31st state in the USA; it was admitted on September 9, 1850.

State Abbreviation – CA
State Capital – Sacramento
Other Notable Cities – Los Angeles, San Diego, San Francisco
Area – 163,707 square miles [California is the 3rd biggest state in the USA – only Alaska and Texas are bigger] Population – 38,332,521 (as of 2013) [California is the most populous state in the USA] Name for Residents – Californians
Major Industries – agriculture (many, many products), oil, mining, electronics, movie making/entertainment, and tourism

Presidential BirthplaceRichard Milhous Nixon was born in Yorba Linda on January 9, 1913 (he was the 37th US President, serving from 1969 to 1974).

Main Rivers – Sacramento River, Colorado River, San Joaquin River
Highest Point – Mt. Whitney, 14,495 feet (4,418 m) above sea level
Lowest Point – Death Valley, 282 feet (86 m) below sea level [this is the lowest point in the Western Hemisphere] Number of Counties – 58
Bordering States – Oregon, Nevada, Arizona
Bordering Country – Mexico
Bordering Body of Water – Pacific Ocean

Origin of the Name California – The name California comes from a mythical Spanish island ruled by a queen called Califia that was featured in a Spanish romance (“Las Sergas de Esplandian”) written by Garcia Ordonez de Montalvo in 1510. The Spanish explorers originally thought that California was an island.
State Nickname – The Golden State
State Motto – Eureka (I have found it)
State Song – “I Love You, California”

 Moving to California

Moving to California

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Moving to California via Company Chicago using our long distance moving services department! your across country move to California going to be handle by the most professional long distance moving company the you may find in the long list of Chicago moving companies,
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